Patient's Rights and Responsibilities

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Please let our staff or the office know of any safety issues, which may affect your care in the home. The services you need are determined by your medical needs, your physician and the staff involved in your care. Should you need emergency services in the home, if our staff is trained in CPR, they will administer emergency care until emergency medical services (EMS) can arrive. If our staff are not trained or are not legally able to provide CPR in the home; EMS will be called for you. If you make our staff aware of any advance directives you have, every effort will be made to comply with those wishes.

You, the patient, have the RIGHT to…

  • Be provided equipment and services in a timely manner.
  • Make informed decisions about proposed and ongoing care or services
  • Formulate advance directives, as appropriate to the care and services provided.
  • Choose to participate in research, investigational or experimental studies, or clinical trials.
  • Confidentiality, privacy and security of information, as detailed in the Notice of Privacy Practices.
  • Be provided language interpretation and clearly illustrated instructions as necessary.
  • Participate in decisions and changes involving care planning and treatment you receive.
  • Be free from abuse, neglect and exploitation.
  • Have communication needs met.
  • Have complaints heard, reviewed and if possible, resolved.
  • Be treated with dignity and respect assuring privacy and security with respect of your cultural, spiritual and psychosocial values
  • Refuse or discontinue service with timely removal of rental equipment.
  • Receive an itemized estimation of charges upon acceptance of equipment.
  • 24-hour emergency response.

You, the patient, are RESPONSIBLE for…

  • Notifying the company when you are not available for services.
  • Notifying the company if extra equipment or supplies are needed.
  • Notifying the company if the equipment is not working properly.
  • Notifying the company when you no longer use or need the equipment.
  • Notifying the company when you plan to take rental equipment out of our service area.
  • Notifying the company of any changes of address or insurance.
  • Notifying the company of any accidents involving you and our rental equipment.
  • Participation as agreed in the Plan of Care.
  • Notifying the company in a timely manner for discharge.
  • Notifying the company of any changes in condition that affect the equipment usage.
  • Notifying the company of any changes in physician orders or physician.